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happysnaps's Journal

Go through your old photo albums
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Because your mum took better lomo photos.

This is a community for photos taken for memories' sake, which have somehow really captured an interesting moment, emotion, concept, irony, or aspect of photography.

Of all the photos in the world, most were taken by people who don't care very much about the film or the framing. They were trying to capture a hint of a specific experience.

So go through your old photo albums, or your nana's. And while you're doing that, post something lovely here.


Go through your old photos. Pretend you're a lonely, nice person who works in a local photo lab. Post the photos that'd brighten your day or move you while you were developing them.

(and a couple more:)

- Any photos bigger than 600x600 please put under a cut, and also only post up to 2 photos outside a cut.

- This community is not for posting knowing attempts at art photography. There's hundreds of communities for that, may we suggest photographie.

- Any questions?